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Dear El Dorado Guitar Accessories,

It’s not often that I receive something from mail order and feel compelled to write a note to the manufacturer, but in this case I am justified. I ordered a “vintage” style replacement amp handle for my 1962 Fender Reverb Unit. When I bought the tank years ago it had a vinyl handle on it that felt like a complete imposter every time I had to pick it up. But it wasn’t easy finding a suitable handle. Fender uses a flat leather handle on their reissues that is a dead giveaway. Other companies offer ‘raised-center’ handles that look like they’re made out of cardboard. Your handle is the most perfect replacement handle I could possibly imagine. I honestly didn’t think people still made such quality items for sale to the public at a modest price. It even smells right. I am sure that with some honest wear, it will look completely at home on my 50 year old Reverb tank.

Thank you very much for your replacement amp handle. I’m sure when I’m in the market for a guitar strap I will know where to look.

Yours Truly,

Christian Clarke
Pompano Beach, FL

3 thoughts on “Rave Reviews

  1. Thomas

    Wow the quality and craftsmanship of my durango-suave strap is amazing. I only buy American-made and got way more than I expected. Great job El Dorado! Thanks for supporting American jobs!

  2. Glen Stone

    Well received my guitar strap “Original Model with additional length on the shoulder pad. The workmanship is just wonderful, especially the attention to the small details. How the strap goes thru the slits for it in the shoulder pad. The Buckle is very nice. Love the color I choose the Brown. I just have to get it broke in at the ends to attach easier. A great strap with fantastic quality. Would recommend it to anyone for your special musical instrument to put it on. Thanks to El Dorado and it’s craftsman.

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